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The Bates Method - the Bates Association for Vision Education

Learn about natural methods for better eyesight without glasses as developed by Dr. Bates. This site contains articles, techniques, books and teacher contacts as well as a Vision Teacher search.

EyeNet-The Web's most comprehensive source for eyecare information

A comprehensive link directory devoted to the eyecare industry. Over 2000 consumer and professional links.

Nature's Energies

A multitude of holistic health products and information for personal development and well being. Site includes flower and gem essence remedies, vitamin supplements, essential oils, correspondance courses, life force energy discs, vibrational remedy incenses, feng shui symbols, crystal pendulums, color therapy equipment etc. Useful for those interested in exploring self-development programs, or for the professional therapist wishing to investigate new innovative methods of holistic treatment.

Disposable And Colored Contact Lenses Resource

The Best Resource For Discount And Color Contact Lenses

Lens Zone

Resources on ordering discount contact lenses online.

Ozelink Webhosting, Web Design and Marketing Services

Developers of this web site! A place for your home page on a high performance US based Silicon Graphics server offering (45 Mb/s T3 speeds (28x faster than T1)) for Australian Web Sites, or other countries on the end of the Internet line (e.g., African, European and Asian sites) wishing to expose their products or services to overseas countries.

Eye Care Source

Your online source for eye care and vision. The Internet source for eye care, vision, eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact
lenses, UV coating, polarized lens, and more.

Ameriplan Dental Health Plan

America's Premier Dental Plan, plus so much more! Covers entire household for $19.95/mo. Discounts up to 80% on Dental, plus up to 50% on Rx Drugs, Vision and Chiropractic care, with no restrictions!

Hand checked Eye Care website directory

Great Eye Care sites, human verified.

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